How to deal with exams

How to take tests and exams when you know nothing and on a budget?

1) calm down and release the RAM

in a panic to do anything will not work, so don’t waste your time, it’s you Oh how need.

write down all ideas that do not belong to the session, so nothing gets lost, you will be back with more fun later, but for now they will take away the memory power.

2) write in notebook/exaltic schedule your tests/exams.

to approximately represent the horror of the upcoming

3) next to each test mark that is needed for delivery.

for example, is to show the notebook. somewhere to write the essay. somewhere an oral exam in tickets.

4) check what you already have from claim 3 and where can I get

take notes from classmates? to process the abstract on discipline And the abstract in the discipline B? (Yes, it offers the student the Tower :))

5) sketch a rough plan of work

for example, essay on 10 pages written in very extreme circumstances, for the night, but to learn 160 tickets in the last day will not succeed. so tickets learn early essay writing in the breaks between the tickets.

6) feel paparazzi – collect maximum neoficialni of information about the exam

ask the students on the course over and passed from the first group that was and what questions were asked by the teacher.

usually, these questions are repeated from year to year.

do not hesitate to progressivity options past years – not only understand the style of the teacher, but at the same time and pull up the main themes and check yourself. and the job sometimes, at least partially, but again.

first, who knows if I can use it. second, while I will write something and will be postponed, and information is structured, and you are in a stressful situation of the exam do not have to spend more and cut thoughts.

8) use visual memory

stress in all important facts in one color and, for example, conclusions – others. hang colorful stickers everywhere – even important will be on view.

9) share your knowledge with fellow sufferers

no tickets – look for those with whom it was possible to separate them and write together. megastoma: teach others what you swim. during the explanation you will understand/learn. well, person will help, and it might be you.

10) conquer the teacher knowledge

pulled the ticket. this is all the experiences should evaporate. exactly. and now try to put maximum information. old attract the ears of the other tickets is often possible. if you do not know anything at all, take a deep breath and try to think logically and to come up with something.

In any case, be sure that you did all you could 😛

In General, you’ve got the budget. So, something there yeah know.

So keep calm and work hard. And good luck! 🙂

Customized writing has a rich history

Customized writing has a rich history

Custom writing began in ancient times, long before the written word had been invented. Cave paintings have been often accomplished by spiritual professionals to bring luck into the hunt or to cure the ill and hurt.


The Cambridge University Press published Print Culture in Renaissance Italy, which shows that during the Renaissance, proofreaders and editors were in good demand. These editors were permitted to alter the format and also the interpretation of the writing they worked, which gave them a huge amount of control over the job.

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